Boardroom Table and Chair Sets

Anyone who has been into a boardroom will know that they are designed to impress, to put across that the MD and his board are powerful, this especially being important when they have guests, more especially still if these visitors are either suppliers or customers.

However, in order to impress the boardroom table needs to be of high quality and really look the part. There are many ways of doing this but in short these tables need to be beautifully designed and manufactured to exacting standards.

The actual materials used will vary depending on the company in question. Some will want polished mahogany, others may want to use some other product that pushes their green credentials. Whatever the material used for the table though, it is vital that the chairs match, the whole idea being that the boardroom table and chairs looked like a set.

Conference Tables and Chairs

Besides boardroom tables, Burgess Works also supplies a unique range of conference tables, these too perhaps having to emit high quality values, depending on the company concerned.

Whether they have also to say ‘we cost a lot’ also varies, some companies just wanting a set of conference tables and chairs that will allow any meetings to be carried out. In these instances, the main thing is ergonomics, but in most cases they have to look good too and be variable enough to fit into different sized offices and rooms.

This is where our Meet-U table system really comes into its own.

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Boardroom Tables and Chair Sets
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