4 Tips Choosing Art For An Office

You spend a lot of time in your office. In fact, you probably spend the majority of your time in it, which is why you should spruce it up with art. With that said, here are a few tips for choosing art for an office.

1. Choose artwork that will make a great first impression on those who enter your office for the very first time. Art in the office is a great way to start small talk with new people, and this means any meeting will start off smoothly. Plus, you can tell stories about the art in the office to those who ask about it because the chances are people will ask questions about your art. The best types of art that make a good first impression are pieces that are unique, sculptures, paintings and artwork created by local artists, but any type of art will likely make an impression.

2. Diversify your art because this will make the office environment interesting, more lively and may improve the morale of your employees. For example, you can get artwork that is inspirational or motivational in nature, and you can get paintings that are colourful and have a cheerful vibe about them. If your office is very small, then don’t worry because you can purchase small sculptures and a few paintings or portraits that will fit anywhere in the office. Diversifying your art in the office is easy, but as a general rule of thumb, you should choose 5-6 different artworks to place in the office.









3. Include your employees when the time comes to choose art for the office because this will make them feel as part of the team and they will know that their decision matters, even if it is just choosing art for the reception area. Not only that, but not everyone is a fan of the same type of art and you don’t want to buy pieces that are going to offend others in the office. By including your employees in the selection process, you can rest assure everyone will be happy with the art that is chosen for the office.

4. Keep your current office decor in mind when choosing art because you don’t want to get artwork that is going to distract people from doing their jobs. You also don’t want to get boring pieces of art that will just blend in with the surroundings. Thankfully, there are a lot of different pieces of art that is suitable for all sorts of decor in the office, so finding art that will standout, but not too much should be easy enough to do. The key is to take your time when shopping for art.

That is how to choose art for an office. With so many different types of artwork out there, finding ones that will best suit your office should be easy. Just make sure you keep the above tips in mind because they will help you choose the ideal art to place in your office.