The Different Benefits Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are growing in popularity in today’s office environment with many employees finding that they are sitting for more than the average eight hours per day at work. Taking this into account, it is essential that the ergonomic office chair is used to reduce back, should and neck strain. While an ergonomic office chair may cost more than a traditional office chair, the initial cost should be viewed as an investment to prevent injury to the worker and increase overall productivity. This article will provide information on the various benefits to using ergonomic chairs in an office environment.

1. It Supports Posture

The standard office chair may be one of the reasons why staff members tend to have incorrect posture when sitting at their desks. An ergonomic chair, however, will consider these issues and presents with features to overcome incorrect posture. Features such as the head rest and back rest can support one’s posture when sitting. Furthermore, the user is able to adjust the height of the seat allowing one to sit with their feet flat on the floor and their knees bending at an angle of 90 degrees. The corrections will automatically help in improving and supporting correct posture.









2. Reducing The Risk Of Neck And Back Pain

Traditional chairs do not always offer neck support for the user and sitting for a long time without any support can trigger stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. This can lead to potential health issues, such as cervical spondylosis. Ergonomic office chairs, however, can support the head and neck by offering a head rest. This is particularly beneficial for people who spend time answering phone calls for hours.

It is also possible to reduce the risk of back pain by using an ergonomic office chair. Unlike traditional chairs, this type of chair presents with a backrest supporting the natural curve of the spine and is high enough to support the full back. Some ergonomic office chairs offer a reclining feature allowing the user to rest at an angle of 90 degrees.

3. Reducing Pressure On The Hips

A traditional chair will often present with a hard surface, so when one sits the seat will exert pressure on the hip area. An ergonomic office chair is different because it presents with seat depth of approximately 2-4 inches from the back of the knees. This is important as it contributes to hips and buttocks support when seated on the office chair.

4. Making Work Easier

One of the greatest benefits of using an ergonomic office chair is that all the features are adjustable and can be modified to accommodate the different tasks performed at one’s desk. The majority of these chairs also present with swivel features enabling the user to move around without having to rise from the seat or extend their body.

People need to understand that ergonomic office chairs are not only types of comfortable seating, but will also contribute to a reduction in work-related health problems. They can also increase the amount of productivity from the worker by making work easier. Of course, they are not the cure for all work-related health problems; however, they do make things easier at the office.